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Packing List for Travel Nurse – Packing things for every move or adventure can be overwhelming, especially if you’ve never done this before. We totally understand. We’ve prepared some must-have for your travel nurse packing list for your travel nurse duties gathered from the travelers themselves. These are the essentials!

the ultimate packing list for your next or first travel nursing job
ultimate packing list for your next travel nursing job from packing list for travel nurse

Travel Nurse Packing List

1. Important documents

It is quite difficult to make any journey without your identification. However, make sure to pack licenses, passports, travel documents, insurance, etc. Also, make sure you see what type of identification is required in your new state, update all your licenses. Make sure the birth certificate, social security card, etc. You are carried safely or stored in a box and key or entrusted to someone you trust.

You’ll need your:

  • driver’s license
  • social security card
  • car insurance
  • travel documents
  • insurance policy
  • roadside assistance agreement

2. Clothes

We know this travel nurse packing item list seems like a no-brainer; of course you won’t forget clothes !! However, we’ve included this because we want you not to forget to do some climate research in your new location, the full 13 weeks of forecast temperatures, and the forecast of rainfall for your new destination. You don’t want to spend that extravagant fee on forgotten clothes that are only “home” if the weather suddenly panics you!

You’ll also need:

  • casual clothes
  • some formal evening wear
  • sports clothing

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3. Medications

We know you are a nurse and you know not to forget medicines, vitamins, supplements, etc. However, don’t forget to make sure you have a copy of your prescription, also make sure you know the pharmacy close to your new place, and pack first aid kits to have them available in your new home!

Make sure to pack a fully stocked first-aid kit that includes:

  • band-aids, bandages, compress bandages, and gauze
  • antiseptic
  • cold compress
  • tape
  • gloves
  • breathing barrier
  • thermometer
  • tweezers
  • scissors
  • a thermal blanket

4. Toiletries

You’ll know to pack all of the essential toiletries that you use for your daily routine, so that is not something we have to go through here. However, we do recommend that you go through an actual day and write down everything you use, so you don’t forget even the smallest item and you have an opportunity to restock before you take off if need be. Also, don’t forget toilet paper and hand towels! Those are the most commonly missed items on this travel nurse packing list!

Make sure to bring all the toiletries you need, such as:

  • hand soap
  • shower gel
  • shampoo and conditioner
  • body lotion and skin creams
  • sunscreen
  • toothbrush & toothpaste
  • floss & mouthwash
  • deodorant
  • perfume and/or aftershave
  • razors and shaving cream
  • cosmetics
  • hairbrush and comb
  • contact lens solution
  • nail file
  • toilet paper

5. Electronics

Electronics that we recommend on top of your typical electronics (laptop, iPhone, etc.) are portable chargers and kindles, iPads, and game consoles. We often hear about forgetting headphones. Pack those, too.

If you are a photography buff, you might want to bring a camera (one that’s not on your mobile!). Don’t forget the charger for the camera!

6. Household Materials

You can check with your housing provider to make sure you know what is provided in “furnished” housing and what is not. We recommend getting a complete list of what is included. It can be the worst to pour a big bowl of cereal and not have a spoon! Check beforehand and bring along anything you’ll need for basic living with you. Think about things that would most likely be omitted in furnished housing, too. For example, if you need a fan that makes a loud noise to sleep, bring one along. Do not assume!

However, if your new place only has furniture, you’ll need to bring a lot of items, including:

  • cooking utensils
  • plates & bowls
  • mugs & glasses
  • flatware
  • dish towels
  • bath towels
  • sheets & blankets
  • pillows and pillowcases


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7. Important Personal Items

We don’t recommend bringing Nana’s diamond ring or anything that you would be really bummed to lose. You can always store them in a lock box with someone you trust. Basically, pictures of friends and family, special blankets, etc. can really ease the initial newness of living somewhere you haven’t ever lived before and we totally think they are a good idea to bring along. It is important to have little reminders of “back home” or somewhere with family.

8. Pet Supplies

If Fido is coming along, great! Just be sure to pack his or her necessities, too. Don’t forget to research a nearby vet for “just in case” situations around the area you will be living in. Rover and Wag are also great apps for helping out with your furry friend while you are at work, if needed. Doggie daycare is always a good idea if your little buddy gets along with others! Yay for puppy play-dates and new HUMAN friends, too!

9. Activity Items

When collecting items for our travel nurse packing list, this one sounded weird to us, too. We did not know what else to call it. Anywho, for us, activity items are things that you might need to participate in activities in your new spot. For instance, if you are traveling from New York to California in November you can count on going from snow to a sunny beach. Therefore, activity items would be: sunscreen, beach towel, volleyball, bikes, helmets, scooters, etc. It pretty much means fun things you can play with when you’re not at work that may be specific to a new area.